Therapy and Counselling for couples, families and parents

What could bring you to us...

...the hustle & bustle and the complexity of our time


...the requirements we have to face daily


...the diversity of life plans and professional biographies


 - many factors contribute to the fact that living together as a couple, or a family, can mean big challenges for everyone involved. At times, these contributing factors seem overwhelming. 

What is Systemic Therapy?


In Systemic Family (or Couple) Therapy, we regard the "problem" from a broader perspective than is usually done in most other therapeutic methods. It can help to take the time to take a closer look. Seldom is that time and space available in daily life. 


Comic Familientherapie


We gladly take this time and make the space for you.



In Systemic Family Therapy, we do not only focus on the person who seems to be experiencing a problem, but we also take into consideration all those that are, somehow, involved. Before we look at how to eliminate a behaviour that is regarded to be disturbing, we first try to find out, what purpose it is possibly serving. Hence, we often - for a certain time - have to take the role of an interpreter. 

With our support you can find out, what no longer fits nor serves you well, and why some things are not running smoothly. In our praxis in Berlin we take up your issues, we set out on the path to work out how you can shape the things in your life in a way that you are, again, happy with. 


Whenever something gets bogged down in your life (lifestyle, partnership, family, health, profession etc.), whenever you wish for or feel the necessity to get things moving, then contact us!

You may come alone, as a couple, as a nuclear or an extended family; if necessary, we can offer help with that decision.


Topics or issues, that could bring you to us, are for instance:

  • problems in your partnership (i.e. communication difficulties, sexuality, stress)
  • disagreements regarding how to bring up your children
  • childrens' behavioural issues (i.e. problems at school or kinder-garten, eating behaviour, excessive consumption of TV, computer or drugs)
  • living with a chronically sick family member
  • difficulties with the families of origin (i.e. tensions with parents and/or parents-in-law, aging parents, grieving)
  • and a lot more

Our approach

Our therapeutic approach is Systemic Family Therapy.


As described, we do not only focus on the one person who appears to be the root of the problem (the so called "symptom carrier") as the only one who carries responsibility for a situation; a situation which is experienced as distressing and worrying by those involved. Our approach is to draw attention to the whole social framework (the "system"), in which the disturbance occurs. 



Instead of attempting to eliminate individual disturbing behaviour, Systemic Therapy first tries to identify what purpose the behaviour could possibly be serving. When this purpose can be achieved in a different, more accepted or less problematic way, it will then be possible to set the disruptive behaviour aside. 


Hence, we take a closer look at the communication and interaction patterns of all those involved. We often have the role of an interpreter - until the participants themselves are able to improve their way of communication sufficiently, in order that understanding and togetherness can again precide. 


Considering that we take a very close look at the family situation as a whole, as well as at the environment in general, it must be stated that Systemic Therapy can also be useful for individuals. However, we are all in perpetual and varied interactions and are, therefore, members of systems. 

This is why the Systemic Family (or Couple) Therapy is appropriate for people who want to talk to us about an issue as an individual, couples, and families alike.


Whenever relationships have reached an imbalance, we can support you in redressing the balance.


In doing so, we remain neutral, impartial and open towards the various individuals and solution approaches. Working on the relationships is in the main focus in our sessions. 

Accordingly, we assume that change will require time, and will mainly happen between the sessions that take place in our praxis in Berlin Steglitz. 

Terms of a Systemic Family Therapy

In spite of the scientific acknowledgement through the "Wissenschaftlicher Ausschuss im Bundesgesundheitsministerium" in 2008, clients of a Systemic Therapy still have to pay the costs themselves. 


In order to also enable clients with a lower income to use the services of a Systemic Family Therapy, we work with a flexible fee. This means, that at the beginning of our cooperation you can decide within a given framework, how much you can pay per session.


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