Family and Team Constellations

Our offer includes both Family Constellations and Constellations of other systems, i.e. teams, departments, illnesses and a lot more. 

These we offer as individual or group sessions.


During our lives we all experience periods in which we have to go through critical phases of development or where we get involved in conflictual relationships. As a consequence, we may feel restricted in our freedom, or that we are not fully exploiting our potential for development. Working with Team or Family Constellations can help to reveal the forces operating in a specific problem as well as to trigger ideas for ways out and possible solutions.



The basic concept is that the Constellation Method can make it possible to create a visual metaphor for all issues of human life and to help people actively to initiate change.




In practice, working with Family Constellations has proved especially helpful in the following areas:

  • problems with partners
  • conflicts with children, parents or other relatives
  • critical health situations
  • traumatic experiences
  • difficult job situations (e.g. bullying, conflicts in a team)
  • desire for re-orientation (e.g. job-related or living situation)
  • financial difficulties



Experience shows, that it's especially helpful to embed the Family Constellation work in a longer-term therapeutical process.


Team and Family Constellations are also suitable for people without any previous knowledge of the method. 

We invite everybody who wishes to

  • get a better idea of us and our work,
  • tackle a issue in his or her own
  • assist as a representative.

Overview over the different types of Constellations

Family Constellations


  • conflicts in the present family
  • conflicts in the family of origin


Constellation of Symptoms

  • physical
  • psychic or
  • psychosomatic symptoms


Constellation of Organisations or Teams

  • team structures
  • conflicts, i.e. in a team



What happens in a Team or Family Constellation?

In this brief description below, we'll call the person who wants to work on an issue the client or seeker. The therapists will facilitate the process. The other participants will be called representatives.


First, the seeker tells the facilitator about the issues and questions that are bothering him or her. Then the client and the facilitator work out together what persons are involved and relevant to the topic. Afterwards the seeker chooses the representatives who will represent those persons. He or she also chooses a representative for him- or herself. He or she then positions the representatives in the Constellation Space, according to his (or her) inner picture of the situation and the relationships (intuitive placement of the representatives).


After they have had time to perceive their position, the facilitator asks the representatives how they feel. 

Afterwards the search for helpful moves and changes can begin. This process may require a lot of time and energy. As soon as a possible solution image has been found, the positioner can replace his or her representative in the constellation. Now he or she can experience this position. 


Please register via phone or email.

A Constellation session requires at least 6 people.



How much does a Family Constellation cost?

The costs for a Family Constellation would be:

10,00 €  for observers or representatives

30,00 € for seekers


Per group evening one can usually facilitate two Constellations.


Individual Constellations are also possible.

An individual Constellation costs 65,00€.


Team Constellations by request.