Psychological Homeopathy

Good health is far more than simply being free of diseases.

Schmetterling in der Hand



The individual is then "free ...  to devote himself to the higher purpose of his being", when he or she is in the full possession of his physical, mental and spiritual forces.  


Samuel Hahnemann, Organon of the Healing Art, §9 

In my longstanding work as a Systemic Therapist, I've seen again and again, that, even with therapeutic tools, one sometimes makes headway only laboriously, and occasionally comes up against borders. At times, these resistences, which have been reasonably set up over years or decades in order to protect one's self, are so strong, that it is impossible to make the next step. 


That's why I looked for a "door opener" that supports my clients "to dare". To dare, with my therapeutical support, to take the next step - the next step on the way to a freer, healthier self. 

The effect of homeopathic remedies, which I have personally experienced and observed in my social environment, set me on the path of Psychological Homeopathy, in the tradition of the Classical Homeopathy of Samuel Hahnemann. Here, I discovered a wonderful tool to support individuals on their way to become, that which they are meant to be - beautiful, free, successful, creative, loving, strong and spiritual human beings.


Treating with the help of Classical Homeopathy in the tradition of Samuel Hahnemann is a gentle, person-oriented, holistic method of treatment. The aim is to re-establish health by strengthening vital forces and thus stimulating self-healing powers.


My Approach

During the treatment I focus on psychological and mental suffering, such as stress, fears, depression, psychosomatic complaints, ADHS and much more. 


In a first extensive initial consultation in out praxis in Berlin (Steglitz) I get to know you. Here you will find sufficient space and time to let me know what is getting you down and what matters to you. I am interested in the details. In classical homeopathy, everything matters. That is why I advise you to treat yourself to the time for this first conversation; this is very important for a treatment which is custom-tailored to you. When I know you well, I can work out the homeopathic remedy that precisely matches you and your life situation. 

This one homeopathic remedy has an immediate impact on your vital force (without the healing crisis). Thus, your organism can re-develop towards more health.


Further action is coordinated in regular follow-up anamnesisses. These are necessary to guide the healing process according to the homeopathic regularities. 

                                                                                Diana Barton



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