Systemic Therapy and Psychological Counselling for individuals

What could bring you to us...

Comic Stierkampf



Do you again and again feel under pressure?



Not able to meet the complex requirements of our time? 



Or like a hamster in the wheel? 




With or without family responsibilites we have to face new requirements every day.

Life always holds new challenges in stock for us. Sometimes, these can be so big, that we do not seem to have the tools to cope with them. 


If this situation continues, we will get sick sooner or later. Disease can also be understood as a call for change from our body or our soul.

However, every crisis presents a potential, possibilities, ways or points of views which we might not yet have considered.

It can help to take a closer look at these. Therefore, we need the time and the space which, in daily life, is seldomly available.



We gladly take this time and provide the space for you.

In our praxis in Berlin (Steglitz) we support and guide you on your way to find out what and where does not fit anymore, and why some things are not running smoothly. 

We take up your issues; we set out on the path to discover how you can shape the things in your life in a way, that you are, again, happy with. How to regain your strength and use your potential in a better way, thus bringing your life back into flow. 


Whenever something gets bogged down in your life (lifestyle, partnership, family, health, profession etc.), whenever you wish for or feel the necessity to get things moving, Systemic Therapy or Psychological Counselling could be the right thing for you.  Contact us



Topic or issues, that can bring you to us, could be:

  • dissatisfaction with your job (stress, routine, necessary change of perspective)
  • problems in your partnership (i.e. communication difficulties, sexuality)
  • difficulties with the families of origin (i.e. tensions with parents and/or parents-in-law, aging parents, grieving)
  • (re-)orientation on the way of life
  • health problems
  • and a lot more


If you want to learn more about the Systemic Approach, click here.