Simply getting away from it all...

Sometimes only a little stimulation is necessary to feel better again. Sometimes it can be enough to escape the permanent tension for a short while. 

Perhaps we are so trapped in our wheel of daily duties and disputes, that we first need to calm down before we can begin to work on the stresses caused by them. 

In this case foot reflexology, Shiatsu or a sound massage in our praxis in Berlin could be just the right thing for you. 



Foot Reflexology

Our feet carry us through every day; accordingly, they are heavily stressed. That's why a massage does do them so very well. But a foot massage does not only treat your feet, it also has a positive effect on the whole organism.  

A massage is balm for the soul.


Massage promotes deep relaxation; relaxing the stresses of every day life and is, therefore, simply, a wonderful prevention. To boot, foot reflexology has a similar effect to acupressure. 


The flow of energy paths within the body end in the feet; accordingly, on hands, and feet, there are areas that reflect the organs of the body. By pressing these areas, all organs of the body are being stimulated.


In doing so, the immune system is strengthened and the self-healing powers activated, stresses and tensions are reduced, the blood flow is stimulated, the muscles are vitalized and the whole organism is supported in re-establishing the balance. 



Terms and Conditions of Foot Reflexology


30 minutes foot reflexology        28€


45 minutes foot reflexology        40€


60 minutes foot reflexology        50€


10 minute foot bath                     10€




Shiatsu Massage

In a Shiatsu massage, the whole body is treated from head to toe. By pressing with the palm, the thumb, the elbow or the knee, one follows the energy pathways of the body, the so called meridians. Stretches and loosening joint mobilizations play an important role and provide relaxation.


Shiatsu is touch communication. A permanent communication via the hands, without words, that makes it possible to respond precisely to every individual person. 


Through this, the flow of the energy is being stimulated and the physical-emotional balance is promoted. The body can relax.

The Japanese call the life energy that flows in every human body Ki or Chi, when it stagnates, it causes blockages, which result in us feeling un-well or even sick.

Shiatsu helps to bring this energy back into a free flow.


Including a short preliminary talk and a resting phase, the Shiatsu massage lasts approximately one hour. Traditionally, Shiatsu is performed on a soft mat with the body clothed. 

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring socks (if your feet tend to be cold). 


Costs of a Shiatsu Massage: 70 € 





Sound Massage

Sounds and music are a key to healing body, mind and soul, for they let vibrations flow through the body.


It is the fine vibrations that arise when a singing bowl is played, that have an effect. These soothing and pleasant vibrations are carried over onto the body where they unfurl and lead to deep relaxation.

The water in our body is moved by the waves of the singing bowl. Hereby, every body cell is addressed and "massaged". 

This can help to release blockages and to stimulate our self healing powers.


A sound massage can help with

  • blockages and tensions all over the body
  • back ache
  • digestive problems
  • headache
  • sleeping problems
  • stress and Burnout Syndrom
  • inner struggle, nervousness, poor concentration
  • promotion of creativity 
  • increased susceptibility to infections and allergies
  • cardiovascular problems and high blood pressure 


Sound massage is a supporting and escorting measure during healing processes. However, it does not replace treatment by a doctor, "Heilpraktiker" or therapist. 



session duration: ca. 45-60 Minuten


costs of a Sound Massage: 40 €