What we think is important

If you want to clarify situations, make progress in your personal development or are looking for a new perspective, then we can chaperone you; provide new ideas and support you on your way to bringing your life back to flow. 


In order to achieve this we utilize, in our praxis in Berlin Steglitz, a mixed bag of methods and tools, including - amongst others - Systemic Familiy Therapy, Classical Homeopathy, Adventure Based Counselling, Constellations, and energetic methods.

Together we try to look under the surface, change perspectives and extend boundaries, so that you can live your life freely and successfully - with your inherent wisdom, creativity and love.


We do this in our praxis in Berlin with...

... cordiality und clarity

... an eye for the big picture and         the fine details

... the necessary seriousness, and,

    a lot of humour.

Life is a colourful bouquet of possibilites. It wants to be scooped, tried and lived!

The therapeutical offer in our practice in Berlin-Steglitz

Therapy and Counselling for couples, families and parents

Many factors contribute to the fact that living together as a couple, or a family, can mean big challenges for everyone involved. At times, these contributing factors seem overwhelming...

Individual Therapy and Counselling

Life always holds new challenges in stock for us. Sometimes, these can be so big, that we do not seem to have the tools to cope with them...

Team and Family Constellations

The basic concept is that the Constellation Method can make it possible to create a visual metaphor for all issues of human life and to help people actively to initiate change...

Psychological Homeopathy

Treating with the help of Classical Homeopathy in the tradition of Samuel Hahnemann is a gentle, person-oriented, holistic method of treatment...

For people under stress

Foot reflexology, Shiatsu or a sound massage in our practice in Berlin could be just the right thing for you...