Diana Barton

Foto Diana Barton

Diana Barton, 1 child, 1 dog, divorced.


I grew up in the Vogtland, where, as a child, I wandered extensively through its vast forests. Eventually, I began to ask myself, what it is, that makes people happy or unhappy, what leads to people feeling "free". When do they feel to be at their appropriate place in life? What do they do to find it? 

After school, I felt the strong urge - felt literally dragged - away from the forest, into the big city – Berlin. New experiences, encounters with many people and different life styles attracted me.

I began to study psychology.

Afterwards I followed various paths to explore the interests and concerns of my heart: What do people need to feel rooted in their life, to be able to realize and utilize their true potential?


Trainers and inspirations along my path were (amongst others):

  • Training in Systemic Constellations at the ifhst Berlin (J. Morschl and M. Giese-Morschl)
  • Manitonquat Medicine Story with The Circle Way
  • 5 Rhythms Dance: Gabrielle Roth
  • Shiatsu at the ESU, Berlin
  • Systemic Therapist Training at the BiF
  • Max van Trommel "Violence in relationships“
  • various meditation techniques
  • Violence-free communication: Marshall B. Rosenberg
  • Michael Stewart and his way of the Shanta Vira Yoga
  • Psychological Homeopathy: Werner Baumeister (Berlin), Klaus-Peter Schenk (AWIHR Würzburg), George Vithoulkas (Alonnisos, Griechenland)
  • Schamanic healing methods: Konny Wulf, Berlin


Although seeming considerably varied, these ways have one thing in common: the aim to find and release blockages, to bring energies back to the free flow. 

Blockages can manifest themselves on all levels of our being - on the physical, the emotional, the mental and on the spiritual level.

They influence and have an impact on how we feel: how our relationships procede, how we can face tasks, how successful, creative and fluid we are.  

With my wealth of experience I can support you in tracking down and release blockages. Thus we bring the energies back to free flow, so that you can realize your full potential.