Christiane Kiegeland

Foto Christiane Kiegeland

I was born and raised in the Rhineland and - after various stops, stopovers and stop-offs - landed in Berlin a couple of years ago, where I now live with my husband, children and two cats.


I studied Education, Ellocution and Rhetorical Speech Studies, and Psychology as a subsidiary subject, and, at the same time, completed a training in Outdoor Education/Adventure Based Councelling (BSJ Marburg). After this, I had the opportunity to work at Barretstown Gang Camp in Ireland. Working with seriously ill children and their families, using (amongst others) adventure education methods combined with the concept of Therapeutic Recreation had a strong impact on both my professional and my private life.

Together with my subsequent experiences in youth welfare service (children and youths with behavioural and aggression issues), my work as anti-violence coach as well as my long-standing teaching activities, I gravitated towards the Systemic Approach. To conclude, I studied to become a Systemic Family Therapist at the BIF in Berlin. 


At my work, I am dealing with the question, what sets people free to become independent and happy personalities. How can one retrieve and release in every individual, that which he or she contains? And how can this help us to a peaceful and constructive co-existence?


Since we founded our practice, I have continued to expand and extend my professional education and expertise. Presently, I am developing my own concept, in which I consolidate all of my afore mentioned directions, schools and methods.