Snowed under?

Have you lost sight of your path?

    Do you feel exhausted, unhappy, groggy?

        Does your life not run smoothly anymore?


Do you find yourself having recurring disagreements with your partner about how to run your life and how to bring up your children?

Do you argue? Do you feel as if you and your partner are on the same wavelength less and less frequently? Do you find it difficult dealing with your parents-in-law? Or even with your own parents?

Have your children suddenly turned into aliens you can't communicate with anymore?



Do you feel physically or mentally exhausted, or do you suffer from chronic diseases?


Is your work mainly stressful, but no longer fulfilling?


  Is the joy lost, from the things you previously enjoyed?


Do you long for change, but have no idea how to make the 


           Are you deeply mired in a situation from where you can    

              see no 

                 way out?


Do you want to take your life into your own hands again? 


Family therapy - Individual Therapy - Family Constellations - Psychological Homeopathy - Relaxation

We can help dig you out

Bärenfamilie beim Therapeuten

We can help you get your relationships back into balance with the help of various therapeutic approaches. You can begin to take a closer look at particular relationships or situations with the help of Individual TherapyFamily Therapy or Family Constellations. You can try out Psychological Homeopathy or you can simply relax. Our approach is entirely holistic; we take the whole situation into account as well as the specific environment.



Every crisis represents a potential that we want to identify with you - potential for change, growth and development, potential for something new.